Saturday, December 31, 2005

Thank You

Well, this is the last day of the year, and I've at least got my blog started. I didn't really know much at all about blogs, until I read something in The Times that sent me to Manolo's shoe blog. I love shoes, so that was a great site, and from there I discovered Feet on the Ground another great site regularly updated with pictures of the sexiest feet; how I envy Feetman - women send him pictures of their feet, he's such a lucky guy. Linking on from these sites, I found two others which are also my favourites; Sasha's Skin. She's a lovely girl with a nice site, which can be said also of My Dumb Stories. Now there must be a way of doing these links on the site names rather than showing the http: thingies, but I've not found it yet; give me time!

I also don't know how to add captions to my pictures. So the pictures below.... have now been titled, as I've discovered how to do it. Easy, really...

Happy new year, and I hope everything goes well for everybody


At 8:04 am, Blogger Sasha said...

hello michael! i see you've also started blogging... and you have made me blush tremendously at what you've written here!... thank you. that means so much. :)

yes, i'm still looking for the books you've recommended. i haven't finished narnia yet... i promise i'll get to the titles you've read. soon!

oh if you need help with the template, i can give you a hand. ;)

At 3:53 pm, Blogger piedmichael said...

aaaaah - little reepicheek...

Thank you Sasha for your kind offer to help with my template. I'm finding out as I go along, and I do seem to be getting there - eventually! But if I do get stuck, I'll ask you - thanks.

Back to work tomorrow :@(


At 12:11 am, Blogger CowGirl said...

WOW, you mentioned my blog! Thanks, I appreciate it. I am going to link you on my site too.

Thanks again hun! :)


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