Sunday, January 08, 2006

So very precise

We've had a total sort out of the front room this week, in that New Year spirit of Getting Things Done. The incentive was to move the chest in which we keep half the Christmas things; candle holders, table decorations and other Non Tree stuff. This chest has always been in the (what do you call the bit on either side of the chimney breast? - alcove?) in one corner with the TV - heavy - and the stack of Video, Sky Box, DVD, amplifier, CD player, and record player, all on top. So we had to move this lot twice every year - once to get the Christmas stuff out, and again to put it all back in. In was back-breaking, in a confined space, and all those wires fought back, and wouldn't let the various boxes move much at all. And the chaos of those wires!

So the chest is now on the landing with nothing on it, the TV with DVD, CD, and Video are on a new stand in the other corner, and I - a complete non DIY type - have to extend the Sky arial somehow this afternoon with some stuff B&Q say I need.

But the worrying thing is this geekoid phase I've entered. In all the sorting, I was looking for a lightbulb, and we have so many types now. Large and small bayonet, large and small screw, candle shapes, small round ones, reflectors, little tiny track lights. There was a time when we just had large bayonet fittings. Why do we need all these others? Or, were we limiting the sorts of lighting we could get, before we started using screw bulbs? And where did screw-bulbs come from - Europe? America?

So the geekoid bit is that I've listed all the bulbs by wattage, fitting type, shape, and type, and what's worrying is that I'm considering listing the lighting types in each room. The family are being sufficiently scathing of these efforts that I'm unlikely to introduce a procedure for issuing bulbs based upon application by Warrant in triplicate, but it's a slippery slope, so - take this as a warning! On the plus side, I've discovered that we are completely out of small round large-bayonet bulbs which fit all our table lamps in the front room. So there!


At 7:13 pm, Blogger Suze said...

Wow, you have had a very interesting day. LOL.

No, seriously sometimes it helps us feel better if we organise something. That comes from the female perspective, I should imagine you feel the same.


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