Sunday, January 15, 2006

More exciting words!

Continuing my reading of Inda - A History by John Keay; he's talking about how jobs became bureaucratic functions within the royal retinue - and likens them to similar processes in the European households. So, the master of the royal stables (comes stabuli) became 'constable', now used for members of the police force in Britain, and keeper of the royal mares (mareschal)became 'marshal', now used for similar roles in the US. And, of course, the US has Sheriffs, which we dropped - whenever.


At 5:44 am, Blogger Sasha said...

that's wonderful! i didn't know i could learn so much just stopping by here. :) i should make it a daily habit... then i'd discover something new everyday. :)

thank you for your support michael... and for your continued presence in my site. i appreciate it a lot!!

At 11:10 pm, Blogger piedmichael said...

aaaww... thank you sasha. love your site, take care, love. m


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