Thursday, January 19, 2006

Not the best of weeks

Anjum's shoe

I never used to get colds like this. I went down with a sore throat on Friday, had a cold over the weekend, went to work on Monday, and have been at home sick since Tuesday. Headache, blocked nose, achey, and a nasty cough. I couldn't sleep; lying down seemed to block up my nose even worse, so I was up at 4.30 yesterday, with a cup of tea, watching Buffy then looking through some blogs. Finally went back to bed at 6.oo.

And then I had to take Only Son and friend to Stansted airport - three hours there and three hours back. He's gone to South America for six weeks - his year off after finishing Uni; six weeks seems a bit lame to me, if you are going to go you should go for about three months. But it's what he thinks he can afford, and he is very careful with money. So I shouldn't complain. But I did tell him that if he goes for a job interview, he should say he went for three months - six weeks just seems like a long holiday, not what you would take a year out for. IF he goes for a job interview... I'm assuming he's going to hit the real world when he gets back, and look for a job!!!

I'm sure he will. We trust him. So, they flew to Opporto for 7p, then overnight in the airport, and then onto Brazil, arriving about tea-time. So he's in the air now. And from Brazil, they go to Uraguay, or is it Paraguay, or both, and then on to Argentina. I'm sure they will be fine, but you worry a bit...

The really, really, really strange thing, is that that are leaving Brazil before the Carnival. They are missing the Carnival! The young, eh? Going to see football, apparently. I've never seen a football game in my life, but if it's what turns them on....

So, I'm driving back from the airport, feeling coughy, tired, and headachy, coming over the moors within a mile from home, and I'm into the cloud-base, so it's foggy. But I know the road, driven on it loads of times, and there's the headlights of another car some way behind, so I'm not going slow as it's worse driving in fog with headlights in your mirror. And suddenly there's a right bend and I'm half off the road, shouting Shit! and the car's bumping and scraping the bank, but I get it back onto the road. I drop down into the village and pull into the bus layby under the streetlamps to see what I've done - is the bumper trailing, are there gouges down the doors or the back panels, and - there's not a mark!
[Pause - goes outside]
I've just been out to check in daylight; no, not a mark, just a couple of bits of grass sticking to the side. Must have been a very grassy bank.

Still, it's not been the best of weeks. But, I'm looking forward to the weekend. Understanding Wife is off for the weekend with all her chums in the choir - she's in a female choir - and I'm off to London to see my friend Anjum. She's lovely, and I love her to bits. When I went through my mid-life crisis (strangely enough, I thought I'd got through the point when it should have been, so I was feeling pretty pleased with myself - and then, a few years on, it hit) she was part of the answer, helping me to find the right way to live life. And the result is - I'm a happy and contented person now. I'll post more on this later, as it does mean a lot to me. But as for the weekend, we are going to have a meal and catch up, and we'll probably go and look at shoes in Selfridges, and in the evening her partner is joining us to go and see a Tintin play - Tintin in Tibet - at The Barbican . Anjum loves shoes, and so do I. In fact I'll post a picture of one of Anjum's shoes...


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